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Type: Summary of the TV Series'

Plot: Georgie, a baby, is brought home from the woods by an Australian farmer. The girl lives her life unaware of the terrible secret that is contained in the golden bracelet that is on her hand. Her "Father" and Her "siblings", Abel and Arthur, love her sincerely, however her "mom" thinks of her as an interloper and doesn't figure out how to hold nothing back from the young lady. Both Georgie's "brothers" are deeply in love with her as she matures into a gorgeous young girl. Not knowing reality, Georgie at last goes gaga for the attractive grandson of the English Lead representative. Georgie leaves for Britain in search of her real parents and her love, who has also left Australia, when Mother finally reveals the truth to her and condemns the girl for being an exile's daughter. She follows Abel and Arthur, and the three of them are thrown into the cruel world of the London aristocracy, where lies and plots abound.

Genre: Drama,Historical,Romance,Shoujo

Delivered: 1983

Situation: Completed

A different name: Joaninha, レディジョージィ

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