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Type: Summary of the ONA

plot: Voracious and rough and tumble, Lan Mo is not really anybody's optimal young lady, yet with a supernatural barrette from a strange knickknack shop that vanishes the following day, she might have the option to turn out to be only that. She can use its power to transform into a pretty, feminine young woman who might finally be able to attract Liu Yifeng, her childhood friend and crush. However, Lan Mo finds it difficult to conceal the clip in the face of Liu Yifeng's admirers and the enigmatic Xia An. Also, to additionally confuse matters, Lan Mo's ownership of the barrette might end up being something beyond simple fortuitous event.

Genre: School, romance, and magic are out: Status in 2017: Completed

A different name: Lan Mo's Bloom, 蓝漠的花

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