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Yoru wa Neko to Issho Season 2 Episode 6

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Yoru wa Neko to Issho Season 2 Episode 6

Alternative:  A Penny in The Beginning  A Penny at The Beginning  开局一文钱 动态漫画  开局一文钱  Kaiju Yiwen Qian  Kāijú Yīwén Qián  Starting With a Penny  开局一文钱  开局一文钱动态漫画第一季  开局一文钱·动态漫 
Language: Subbed
Episodes: 7
Type: ONA
Year: 2023
Status: Ongoing

Due to the operation error of black and white impermanence, the young rich man Liu Yun passed away early, but as a shocking figure in the market, Liu Yun did not give up, but took advantage of the black and white impermanence to negotiate with them and was reborn in ancient times. After rebirth, Liu Yun reunited a group of outstanding women who were oppressed at the same time from the state of bankruptcy and debts, and fought a series of classic interlocking business wars together, and finally counterattacked the process of becoming the world’s richest man. This is just the beginning. Knowing the existence of hell and the world of gods and gods, Liu Yun decided to make his business into the world of gods and gods, becoming a new generation of God of Wealth.

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