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Type: Exceptional

Plot Synopsis: Episodes of the picture drama are available on the DVD and Blu-ray volumes of Kakegurui.

Genre: Comedy, Video Game: Status in 2017: Completed

A different name: 賭ケグルイ メイド喫茶百花王


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Type: Summary of the TV Series’

Plot: Minazuki Haruka and Kannazuki Aoi are putting a lot of effort into their rehearsals for the stage performance Twin Angel Show, and the other students at St. Cerise Academy are also busy getting ready for the 100th school festival. Every so often before the celebration, a specific book is taken from inside the Foundation Church. After that, Haruka and Aoi learn that a letter with a proclamation of war was sent by a person who claimed to be the Baron of the 4th Dimension.

Genre: Magic is out there: Status in 2008: Completed

A different name: 快盗天使ツインエンジェル


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Type: Summary of the TV Series’

Plot: In view of the Kaitou Reinya “irrational satire” four-board manga. Tanaka Reina, an individual from Hi Task’s young lady band Morning Musume, fills in as the motivation for the principal character Reinya, a hoodlum that is the stuff of metropolitan legends. Tanaka will play Reinya, a girl who wears a signboard for the Faminya convenience store near a police station during the day. Reinya is the main character in Onegai My Melody Kirara. Around evening time, she is an unusual criminal pursued by blundering cops, drove by the attractive Keiji-san (“Investigator,” Okano Kousuke) and the cool Keibu-san (“Monitor,” Youki Sou). Chuutarou (Okano), Reinya’s trusted assistant, goes with her on her adventures.

Genre: Parody

Delivered: Status in 2010: Completed

A different name: 怪盗レーニャ


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Type: OVA

Plot Synopsis: On an airship, a phantom thief queen, whose age and gender are unknown, travels the world in search of treasure. A shady circus troupe steals a gemstone from the queen and quickly launches a game between the queen and the troupe’s hypnotists, magicians, and other members with special abilities.

Genre: Published Adventure, Fantasy: 2022

Status: Coming under

another name: , Kait Queen wa Circus ga Osuki, Mirage Queen Aime Cirque


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Type: TV Series

Plot Summary: In the future humankind has expanded and colonized other planets. Then an alien species, Victim, attacks the human colonies leaving only one planet, Zion. In an effort to stop Victim from destroying the last planet a training school, GOA, is set up to gather boys from the Zion colonies and train them to become pilots of the Ingrids AKA The Goddesse… more In the future humankind has expanded and colonized other planets. Then an alien species, Victim, attacks the human colonies leaving only one planet, Zion. In an effort to stop Victim from destroying the last planet a training school, GOA, is set up to gather boys from the Zion colonies and train them to become pilots of the Ingrids AKA The Goddesses, five fighting robots that protect Zion. The boys must possess a rare blood type, EO , as well as a special ability, or EX. Zero (Candidate 88) has just arrived in GOA when he falls into the cockpit of the Ingrid Eeva-Leena. Since the synch between pilot and Ingrid are very sensitive everyone believes the Goddess will kill Zero in an attempt to synch. Just before Zero passes out he makes a full synch with the Goddess. Before he can find out more about the incident, his pilot training begins.

Genre: Action,Mecha,Military,Sci-Fi,Space

Released: 2002

Status: Completed

Other name: Megami Kouhosei Special Curriculum, 女神候補生 スペシャルカリキュラム


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Type: TV Series

Plot Summary: In a near future, following a devastating war, a dozen international corporations have come to control the world. One of them, Ashurum, specializes in handling a new class of psychics that has arisen. Though feared by the general populace, psychics have a safe home in Ahsurum, where they can develop their abilities and assist Ashurum in helping other psychics… or dealing with those who become a threat to the general populace. Or so they claim. One such young psychic, a teenage boy named Kai, has lived at Ashurum all of his life along with his sickly sister Hikaru. He joins the AESES, the agent operations branch of Ashurum, out of gratitude for Ashurum’s support of him and his sister, but eventually he discovers that his sheltered life has left him quite naive about how the world really works. A gentle soul at heart, Kai has trouble understanding how much common citizens fear and hate both his kind and his organization until confronted with it on missions. He also cannot comprehend the ruthlessness of Shen-Lon, a fellow AESES psychic, until catastrophe strikes.Meanwhile, a streetwise young man named Yuuki plies his services for a guerilla organization led by a powerful precognitive psychic. He must find the Sacrament of Calvaria — whatever it may be — while looking after the kind-hearted and empathetic girl Asuka. Ultimately his path crosses with Kai’s, a development sure to shape the future.

Genre: Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Military,Sci-Fi,Shounen,Supernatural

Released: 2003

Status: Completed

Other name: エスアザーワイズ


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Type: TV Series

Plot Summary: As the year 3000 approaches, a war-torn Solar System is invaded by the Imperial Alliance in search of a supreme being, the F-01. The experimental X Bomber spacecraft with its young crew must discover the secret of F-01 and turn it against the Imperial Alliance or all will be lost.

Genre: Fantasy,Sci-Fi

Released: 1980

Status: Completed

Other name: Star Fleet , エックスボンバー , X-Bomber , Bomber X, Xボンバー


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Type: Winter 2019 Anime

Plot Summary: Yukiya, who is “probably” 14 years old, spends his time DJ-ing alone. Due to his father’s influence, he’s listened to house music since he was young, and he uploads videos online. He wants to convey something to someone. He wants to be recognized, and become important. But getting hurt is scary. One day, while trying to get more views, he does something that can’t be undone. And he sees a live broadcast from “that world.” Yukiya believes he can’t do anything alone, but that he could accomplish something if he were doing it together with someone else.

Genre: Action,Music

Released: 2019

Status: Completed

Other name: ウィズ


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Type: Fall 2021 Anime

Plot Summary: The new series continues the Pretty Series’ conceptual motifs of song, dance, and fashion, and it also adds the theme of magic. Middle-school first-year student Matsuri Hinoya loves festivals, and she dreams of one day being able to star in “PriMagi,” a magic-like form of stage entertainment borne from song, dance and fashion. That day arrives when the hyper-spirited, trouble-making magician Myamu arrives from the magical realm and scouts Matsuri for PriMagi. Together, the two compete with rivals to rise to the top of PriMagi.

Genre: Music

Released: 2021

Status: Completed

Other name: ワッチャプリマジ!