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Type: JIN-ROU (DUB) The Movie’s

Plot: Constable Kazuki Fuse must retrain for his position in the Capital Police’s Special Unit because he is haunted by the image of a terrorist girl after witnessing her suicide bombing. However, he becomes involved with the sister of the very girl he witnessed die, and he becomes a key player in a dispute between the Capital and Local Police forces.

Genre: Drama,Mystery,Police,Psychological,Romance

Delivered: 2000

Status: Completed

A different name: Jin-Roh: The Jin-Roh Wolf Brigade


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Type: OVA

Plot Synopsis: The OVA will be pre-sold during the Comiket 87 beginning on December 28, 2014, ordinary retail dissemination of the restricted release bundle will begin on January 30, 2015.

Genre: Magic is out there 2014

Situation: Completed

A different name: 快盗天使ツインエンジェル キュンキュン☆ときめきパラダイス!! OVA


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Type: Fall 2021 Anime

Plot Synopsis: Fena Houtman is a young orphan who has been raised on an island where she has no chance of becoming anything more than a commodity that the soldiers of the British Empire will use and discard. Be that as it may, Fena is something other than another feeble vagrant. At the point when her secretive past comes thumping, Fena will break the chains of her oppressors. Her aim is: forge a brand-new identity free of bonds, look for a place where she can truly belong, and discover the true mysteries that lie behind the keyword “Eden.” It is an epic tale experience she and her team of oddballs and impossible partners will have, in quest for her objectives!

Genre: Action,Adventure

Delivered: Status in 2021: Completed

A different name: Fena: The Pirate Princess,


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Type: Summary of the Summer 2017 Anime

Plot: Hyakkaou Private Foundation. An establishment for the favored with an extremely unconventional educational plan. At the point when you’re the children and girls of the most affluent of the rich, it’s not athletic ability or book smarts that keep you ahead. It’s perusing your rival, the specialty of the arrangement. What better way to hone those abilities than through a rigorous gambling curriculum? Winners are treated like kings at Hyakkaou Private Academy, while losers are put through their paces. But when Yumeko Jabami joins, she’ll show these kids what it’s like to be a high roller!

Genre: Released: Drama, Mysteries, Psychological, School, Shounen Status in 2017: Completed

A different name: Impulsive Card shark, 賭ケグルイ


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Type: Summary of the TV Series’

Plot: Georgie, a baby, is brought home from the woods by an Australian farmer. The girl lives her life unaware of the terrible secret that is contained in the golden bracelet that is on her hand. Her “Father” and Her “siblings”, Abel and Arthur, love her sincerely, however her “mom” thinks of her as an interloper and doesn’t figure out how to hold nothing back from the young lady. Both Georgie’s “brothers” are deeply in love with her as she matures into a gorgeous young girl. Not knowing reality, Georgie at last goes gaga for the attractive grandson of the English Lead representative. Georgie leaves for Britain in search of her real parents and her love, who has also left Australia, when Mother finally reveals the truth to her and condemns the girl for being an exile’s daughter. She follows Abel and Arthur, and the three of them are thrown into the cruel world of the London aristocracy, where lies and plots abound.

Genre: Drama,Historical,Romance,Shoujo

Delivered: 1983

Situation: Completed

A different name: Joaninha, レディジョージィ


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Type: Summary of the Spring 2014 Anime

Plot: The story bases on Monona, a young lady who went to the wedding function of her elder sibling whom she reveres. But Ruby, a cute Jewelpet shaped like a rabbit, whisks her away, and before she knows it, she’s in a Jewelpalace where potential Lady candidates have gathered. Ruby chose Momona because she was the best Ladyjewel candidate for Queen of Jewelland.

Genre: Kids,Magic

Delivered: 2014

Situation: Completed

A different name: レディ ジュエルペット


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Type: Summary of the ONA

plot: Voracious and rough and tumble, Lan Mo is not really anybody’s optimal young lady, yet with a supernatural barrette from a strange knickknack shop that vanishes the following day, she might have the option to turn out to be only that. She can use its power to transform into a pretty, feminine young woman who might finally be able to attract Liu Yifeng, her childhood friend and crush. However, Lan Mo finds it difficult to conceal the clip in the face of Liu Yifeng’s admirers and the enigmatic Xia An. Also, to additionally confuse matters, Lan Mo’s ownership of the barrette might end up being something beyond simple fortuitous event.

Genre: School, romance, and magic are out: Status in 2017: Completed

A different name: Lan Mo’s Bloom, 蓝漠的花


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Type: Summary of the ONA

Genre: Accomplished Step: 2022

Status: Current

Other name: Current Situation: Completed

A different name: Charcoal Quill League, 灰羽連盟


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Type: OVA

Plot Synopsis: It’s the night prior to the fair commending the Realm of Guardia’s long term commemoration. The monsters come out to play after the humans have gone to bed, eager for the celebration the next day. Nuu and Mamo are two little beasts tingling to have their own experience in existence, and their experience bunch Nuumamonjaa is selecting new individuals. Their adventure turns into a disaster as they get into a series of mishaps because neither is particularly intelligent. A quick drinking rivalry, a nearby experience with a mechanical feline, and a fast vehicle pursue — this may be more experience than the small team expected!

Genre: Action,Comedy,Fantasy

Delivered: 1996 Situation: Completed

A different name: Chrono Trigger, Reality Experiences Nuumamonjaa, 時空冒険ヌウマモンジャー

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

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Alternative: Language of Shoubushi Densetsu Tetsuya: Subbed

Episodes: 20

Type: Year of TV Series: Status in 2000: Finished

Genres: Game Verifiable Shounen

In the year 1947, individuals of Shinjuku are on an unlucky streak. Some people turn to gambling to stay alive when they don’t have enough money to buy food or other necessities. Tetsuya, who is on the move, decides to spend his time at Mahjong parlors, where he and his rivals wipe the floor clean. However, when Tetsuya meets the highly skilled Boushu-san, he realizes that he still lacks skills.