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Lily C.A.T. (Dub)

Lily C.A.T. (Dub)

Alternative: Lily C.A.T. (Dub) LILY-C.A.T.

Language: Episodes with Dubs: 1

Type: Film Year: Status in 1987: Finished

Genres: Awfulness Science fiction Space

Portrayal The Profound Rest Cases, innovation that has permitted man to contact the stars. These chambers slow the maturing system by 95%. The journey lasts twenty years, but the traveler is only one year old. It most certainly enjoys its benefits, yet after you've been on a couple of excursions, it sure gets desolate. However, that is not the primary issue at this time. It is 2264. The Syncam Organization has sent the Saldes and its group of 13 (and 1 feline) out into profound space to investigate the capability of a newly discovered planet 20 years away. However, as soon as they emerge from their stasis, a series of events begin to take place. First, the crew discovers that two crew members are not who they say they are. The crew members then perish suddenly, one at a time. The ship starts to turn against them at that point. They discover yet another ugly mess, as if things couldn't get any worse. What should be a basic exploratory mission has turned into a battle for endurance in the profundities of room. They are all alone, 20 years away from home, and no one can hear them scream.

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