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Type: Summary of the TV Series'

Plot: In view of the Kaitou Reinya "irrational satire" four-board manga. Tanaka Reina, an individual from Hi Task's young lady band Morning Musume, fills in as the motivation for the principal character Reinya, a hoodlum that is the stuff of metropolitan legends. Tanaka will play Reinya, a girl who wears a signboard for the Faminya convenience store near a police station during the day. Reinya is the main character in Onegai My Melody Kirara. Around evening time, she is an unusual criminal pursued by blundering cops, drove by the attractive Keiji-san ("Investigator," Okano Kousuke) and the cool Keibu-san ("Monitor," Youki Sou). Chuutarou (Okano), Reinya's trusted assistant, goes with her on her adventures.

Genre: Parody

Delivered: Status in 2010: Completed

A different name: 怪盗レーニャ

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