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Type: The Movie's

Plot: One of Nube's students, Kumiko Ijima, recalls drawing the face of a man in a nearby park from the police's posted photos of wanted people and realizes that the man in question is actually a criminal wanted for murder. Kumiko cautions her cohort Kyoko while simultaneously the man finds the drawing with the name initials "K.I." composed on Kumiko's drawing portfolio and momentarily sees that Kumiko wears a red strip in her hair. The criminal is pursued by law enforcement until he crashes his car into a seal, where a demon takes over his soul. The evil presence is currently on a killing frenzy to find any young lady that wears a red lace whose name initials are "K.I.".

Genre: Released: School, Shounen, Supernatural, Adventure, Comedy, and Horror 1996 Situation: Completed

A different name: Nube, Jigoku Sensei (1996),

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