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Type: Summary of the TV Series'

Plot: A fantasy about tumbling from the sky… and afterward birth. When Rakka emerges from a substantial cocoon and enters the Old Home, she is greeted by a group of females who have small wings on their backs and glistening halos above their heads. Rakka is told that she must work in the nearby town of Grie as soon as her own wings grow and she receives a halo. She quickly realizes that the town and the entire world in which they live are enclosed behind the Wall, a tall, impenetrable barrier from which only the enigmatic Toga can escape. Rakka, a newborn Haibane (Angel), wakes up in a strange world and only remembers a strange dream about falling from the sky. She is alone and afraid of who and what she is, so fellow Haibane care for her as they try to find the meaning of their existence and what lies beyond their town's prison walls.

Genre: Released Drama, Fantasy, Mysteries, and Slice of Life: Status in 2002: Completed

A different name: Charcoal Quill League, 灰羽連盟

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